1. It’s about you!  We are here to serve you with holistic advice, fiduciary care, and exceptional results. 
  2. We are with you.  Through the best and the most challenging of times, it is our goal to walk alongside our clients.  This can be as you transition into retirement or a new job, sending your kids off to college, through the loss of a loved one, or a difficult time in the economy and markets. We walk with you because these moments are when our relationship matters most!
  3. We know you want to leave a lasting mark on our world.  You have dreams and we want to help make those dreams come true.  Our firm is about more than wealth management. It’s about the impact that you can leave on the world.  Are you ready?  Let's Go Make a Difference!

    We utilize sophisticated tools to analyze and develop an accurate financial roadmap of where you are heading.  


    Our team of experienced financial advisors delivers clear and actionable advice to help you reach your goals. 


    Nothing makes our team more excited than helping you implement your individualized plan. This is where we jump in and help quarterback your financial life.  You set your goals and dreams, and we are here to pick the right tools to help manage your assets, carry out your vision, and so much more.   

    In the implementation phase, this is where we get to really nerd out. I apologize if some of this is common sense, but in the investment world, nothing is all that common.  First and foremost, this means that when we are working as your investment advisors, we are fiduciaries and we are looking out for your best interests.  
    We want to make sure that we are utilizing the right tools for the job (often investments).  It also means having access to an open architectural wealth management platform and finding the most effective tools at the lowest price, or expense ratio, and utilizing a due diligence process to vet the investments we use.  Additionally, as independent advisors affiliated with Commonwealth Financial Network, our firm has no proprietary investments.  As a result, there are no incentives for us to choose one investment over another, which means we are absolutely dedicated to selecting the very best strategies to meet your needs.
    We know your life is always changing and evolving. That is why as a part of our implementation phase, we set up a consistent review schedule.  Some clients want to be in touch monthly, others annually, but most end up somewhere in the middle (3 to 4 times per year).  Our goal is to be politely persistent and available when you need us!